This past Saturday, March 16, Maria Fabiana Liska of Shimmy by Fire sponsored Midwest ATS® Extravaganza, a one-day workshop and show in Naperville, IL, with Jennifer Nolan, Super Beth Fish, and Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance.

Tamarind and us

The morning workshop featured slow and fast moves from the ATS Tribal Basics Series Volume 7  including Chico Four Corners, Single Bump with half turn, Arabic Hip Twist with flourish, Sahra & Barrel turns plus others.  Super cool was when we were taught Tamarind original variations like “weaving” the Chico to turn the wheel.  The afternoon workshop was all about incorporating skirt work into ATS.  All the moves we learned…Wrapture (yes, with a w), Bella, Butterfly, Can-Can, and another move which was explained to mean Mexican street cleaner (if I knew Spanish maybe I’d know the word lololol) incorporated skirt movements with ATS moves like Arabic, Choo-Choo, Reach & Sit, and others.  During the workshops we had to break into groups to drill.  I got to drill with Tamarind’s Jeanette and Crystal which was beyond cool.

It was sad to learn that Jennifer is retiring; the good thing is Tamarind will continue with Super Beth as director.   I’m soooooo glad I signed up for the Devi Mamak workshop Tamarind is sponsoring this coming May.  To learn from both Jennifer and Devi will, I’m sure, quite simply, blow my mind.  As the picture below shows, they had fun.  BTW, the actual selfie is on Facebook, pretty sure Jeanette posted it.

Tamarind's selfie

I’ve got to acknowledge and thank Dakotah Davis from Winfield, Kansas.  She rode up with me and…yes…the brave girl…performed with me even though we’d never danced together before.  The poor girl first got practically bullied into performing a song which really pushed her out of her comfort zone, was starved on Saturday, and then received funny looks from the policeman I flagged down when we got lost going back to the hotel from a White Castle that was miles away.  The good thing is she now knows about burros stopping on the road going to/coming from work. lol  Oh wait! She also knows about the Cross that fell from the sky near the family farm in Mexico and which, to this day, you can still see its imprint on the ground.  But I digress.

Thank you, Dakotah, for being such a good sport AND for the hip scarf you made for me.  It will be my honor should you ever consent to dance with me again. This is Dakotah in the picture below.  On the left.  Next to me. 🙂

DSCF2459Thank so much for checking in…


P.S.  Check out my choli. Before Saturday it belonged to Jennifer.  Hopefully, a speck of her mojo came with it.





































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