Welcome to MexicoIf only for a couple of hours I was in Mexico this past Sunday; Reynosa, Tamaulipas, to be exact.  Reynosa is the border city in the Texas Valley which is across from Hidalgo, TX, which is just a $3.00 shuttle ride from McAllen, TX.

Several people had told me to not go to Reynosa because it is dangerous; I was to go to Nuevo Progreso across from Weslaco instead.  Well…. things not working out like they did I decided to go to Reynosa anyway.  By myself.  I was NOT going to have been a $3.00 shuttle ride from Mexico and not go across.  There were serapes and rebozos to buy.  Y en colores fuertes!

After dropping my four pesetas ($1.00) into the swinging arm thingy, it was about a 6-block walk (I can’t count!) to el centro where a concert was in progress.  Looking around, I saw mamas y papas with their little babies and abuelitas walking around.  Which of them was I supposed to be afraid of?????

It was fun, I found my serapes and rebozos, drank a liquado de fresa and then had a bottle of Mexican Coca Cola, then paid $.35 to get back into the U.S.  Remember, you MUST have your passport to get back!

One of these days I’ll post pictures of the cushions I plan to recover and valances to make with the serapes.  They’re really pretty.

It’s hard to see but the black rectangle in the middle is actually a plaque showing the dividing line between the U.S. and Mexico.

Visit Mexico one day…you’ll LOVE it!


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