I recently received a Kindle Fire HD 7 for which I didn’t have a case.  The cases online weren’t terribly expensive; the ones in a store where much more so.  I started researching DIY cases wondering what might work from something already in the house.  While looking at all my office stuff a black notepad portfolio case with pen holder that holds an 8″ x 5″ legal pad jumped out.  Perfect and will be soooo simple to make.  Pictures follow…


  • Kindle (whatever model or any tablet)
  • Notepad folio w/pad
  • Scotch Multi-Purpose Fasteners 2″ x 3″ (they’re like Velcro strips), self-adhesive
  • Stretchy headband (optional)
  • Stylus (optional)
  • Soft shoe mitt (like what you get at hotels, optional)

The Kindle should be on the right side so remove the note pad.  Position two of the rough side fasteners strips then firmly press so they stick to the folio.  Lightly place two of the soft side fasteners strips on top of them, remove the backing paper, and position the Kindle where wanted.  Separate them and apply pressure to get them to stick really well onto the Kindle.  Now the Kindle will “stick” to the folio.

Slide the note pad on the left-side pocket, add the stylus to the pen holder, and it’s done.  It works very well.  When I close the case I place the shoe mitt on top the Kindle’s screen for added cushioning and necessary cleaning.  Although it’s not necessary, the headband is used to keep it closed cause I saw lots of cases with a similar closure. 🙂

Total cost for me:  $4.67 + tax for the fasteners.  I had everything else.

If you search DIY Kindle cases, you’ll find almost anything can work.

The pictures below are self-explanatory.

Thanks for reading!


DSCF2470 DSCF2471 DSCF2472 DSCF2473 DSCF2474

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