Fr. Jerry 3As many of you may know I am a member of Our Lady of Guadalupe (OLG) Parish here in Topeka.  Very often our pastor, Father Jerry Arano-Ponce , says something that makes me get out my little pad of paper and a pen for jotting.

This Sunday, July 20, Fr. Jerry talked about tarps.  Yes, one kind of tarp provides shade or otherwise protects from the elements.  The new kind of tarp he talked about refers to our prayers.  He said our prayers should be those of:

T = Thanksgiving.  We should thank God for everything he gives us, our family, and the world.

A = Asking.  We should ask God for what we need:  an increase of faith, grace, virtue, as well as our everyday needs.

R = Repentence.  We should always repent our sins and tell God we are sorry for having committed them and offended him.

P = Praising.  We need to always praise God.

You can see both types of tarps are related.  They provide both physical and spiritual shelter.  I liked this a lot and thought to share with you.

Oh, this past week was Fiesta Mexicana week in Topeka.  The Fiesta Mexicana is OLG’s fundraiser for Holy Family School.  This year marked the 81st anniversary.  The Fiesta is not only our biggest fundraiser, it is also one of Topeka’s largest tourist attractions.

The picture below shows our parish as decorated for this year’s Fiesta.  Clicking on the picture will get you an enlargement.

Fiesta 2014 Church





Thank you for reading…more from Fr. Jerry and Fiesta Mexicana to come…


P.S. This is cool.  the Topeka Capital-Journal, our local newspaper, wrote an article about yesterday’s Mass and also talked about Fr. Jerry’s Tarp. See the article here.  Also, the photos on this page are credited to the Topeka Capital-Journal.

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