A huge Topeka tradition is now in its waning period for 2014.  Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish’s Fiesta Mexicana 2014 concluded Saturday, July 19th, after 5 days of glorious weather.

Zina’s Salon/ATSTopeka was a 2014 sponsor and participated in the parade and show.

The opening parade was held on Saturday the 12th in downtown Topeka.  Many thanks to brother and sister-in-law Tom & Jenny Tavares for the loan of their beautiful convertible.  Also, thank you to Mr. Habib for helping me decorate the car and driving in the parade.

Many thanks also go to Susan Warner and Nessa White of Project Shimmy for joining Rahamah (Heather Wible) and me at the Fiesta show performance on Tuesday on the Fiesta Stage where we were the opening act.  We had a last minute switch-up on this performance as we opted to dance on the street rather than the stage.  We were up close and personal with our audience this way, plus in the shade! 🙂

Finally, thank you to several people whose photos appear in this gallery.  They include Zina’s Salon student Ruth York, sis Jenny Tavares, Mr. Habib, cousin Vincent Tetuan, and God-daughter Gina Rodriguez.  Love to all!!!!


P.S. A click or two on individual pics gets you either an enlargement or a way big enlargement.  The gallery is in no particular order.  The plugin seems to do what it wants. lol





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