The other day I saw the cutest Halloween sign which really spoke to me since I’m a Catholic religious education teacher.  I posted it on my Facebook saying I need to make this now.  Did I really think?

This is the sign:

Holy ghost sign 1

After searching for other signs I saw this one on an Etsy site which is also cute:

Holy ghost sign 2

I actually ordered the Holy Ghost sign with the dove but decided to try to make one myself.  Wal-Mart just happened to have a chalkboard sign in the craft section which already had a rope for hanging.  Yup, they had chalk, too.

Since I can’t draw a dove I decided to go with a Sacred Heart and to use the word Spirit instead of Ghost.  This is how it came out (The chalkboard is really catching the flash’s glare):


A Facebook friend said the Sacred Heart looks like a turnip.  Great.  It’s still hanging near the front door. 🙂





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