Mural by Andy Valdivia, Topeka, Kansas

Mural by Andy Valdivia, Topeka, Kansas

…And I’m the most simpleton person of all! I figured out how to do two separate blogs on one website, namely, this one.  So many times I want to write about something and wanted to post, without having to create another website.  It’s kinda like the song It’s My Party, it’s my website.  Sooo, if you look at the site’s main menu (on top) you’ll see the two blogs: Zina’s Dance Blog and Zina’s Personal Blog.

The vision for this blog is to be about the non-dance side of me.  What are the things I identify with the most? Being Catholic, being Mexican, and being a Tavares.  There you have it, these may be random thoughts, or not.

As you may know, I have a job as the Kansas State Monitor Advocate for Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers (MSFW) and Compliance Monitor.  I’ve got two websites for MSFW information; one is the Kansas Department of Commerce’s MSFW page, and the other is my “little” MSFW blog site.  Please visit those sites if you’re interested in in learning more about MSFWs.

As always, contact me through this site’s Contact Me page if you’d like to make a comment.  Thanks so much!



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