about me…

My objective is to promote the performing art of American Tribal Style® belly dance (ATS®) as created and prescribed by its creator Carolena Nericcio and performed by FatChanceBellyDance® (FCBD®) in regards to dance movement vocabulary, costuming, and music selection.

I earned ATS General Skills Certification in 2010 and was the first Kansas dancer to achieve Teacher Training I and II Certification in 2011.  Carolena granted me FCBD Sister Studio status in 2011.  More about my dance journey is told in the ATS, Topeka, and Me blog post.  Throughout the years I’ve continued to take regular lessons from area teachers, dropping in on classes while away from home, as well as traveling to attend workshops. The learning never ever ends!

It’s blurry but evidence! GS Certificate from Carolena and Megha

Teacher Training 1 Class, 2011

Receiving TT2 Certificate from Carolena.

what is a sister studio???

FCBD Sisters Studios are graduates of General Skills for ATS and ATS Teacher Training.  A Sister Studio is a person, not a building or busines.  It may be easiest to understand by calling the teacher the “sister in the studio.”  Sister (in the) Studios are dedicated to presenting ATS as created and developed by Carolena. Sister Studios do not blend ATS with other styles of dance, tribal, or otherwise.  They present ATS only, or clearly separate ATS from the other styles of dance they are presenting.  The goal is that you, the student, should be able to attend a FCBD ATS class anywhere in the world and receive consistent, quality instruction.  More information about FatChanceBellyDance is available at the FCBD website.

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